New Project in Cardiff University

I am very happy to continue my research in Cardiff under the supervising of Dr Wessam M.T. Abouarghoub and Dr Bahman Rostami-Tabar. My research theme is port emission estimation and forecast.

Ports are multi-modal interfacing nodes of maritime and land transportation. They also play an important role in logistics networks. Ports are concentration areas producing air pollutants and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Thus, many ports and terminals endeavor to enhance energy efficiency. In this research, firstly, using case study and activity-based bottom-up approach to estimate port carbon emissions. The results can help us to identify main mobile sources. Secondly, this research will establish a prediction model to forecast port carbon emissions. Port throughput will be predicted to obtain traffic demand of the port, according to microeconomic indicators. Then, the overall carbon emission of the port will be predicted based on the scale factor, economic factor and technical factor. The carbon emission model will be a combined model, which consists of conventional forecast models and Deep learning model. Finally, seeking effective reduction strategies, by analyzing data from above two section and optimization methods will be used to enhance strategies.

PhD Candidator in Logistic and Operation